Many people love to learn basic maintenance of their cars or bicycles which serves them well.  They can't be calling a technician every time something goes wrong with their cars. Knowing what they themselves can do saves them a lot of money and time.  They may not be mechanically inclined and simple tasks such as changing car tires can look scary to them at first, but armed with sound DIY tips and appropriate tools, they find out soon enough that there is really noting to be scared about. They learn the value of developing their mechanical skills. They find out that accomplishing a job they are not trained for gives them a good feeling. 

Learning to change tires, troubleshooting or repairing bicycles and other simple machinery is not actually that difficult. For changing tires, there are probably hundreds of articles in the internet offering useful pointers on how it could be done properly. The pointers will also include what tools should be used and for the task, the torque wrench is generally the recommended tool. 

A tool designed to precisely apply a specific torque to a bolt or nut, a torque wrench makes car tire changing quite easy. A mistake in the tightening can damage a nut or bolt, rendering it useless, but for people who haven't handled tools at all much less a wrench, they should not worry about it. Before they proceed with the task, they can simply find out the proper way of using the tool. Again the internet provides the necessary information and instruction, go here to learn more! 

How well the job turns out or how easy depends a great deal the kind of wrench used.  There are several types of torque wrenches: electronic torque, click wrench, beam wrench, plumber's wrench, hydraulic torque wrench and deflecting beam wrench. They have different qualities and come in different brands as well. Watch this video at and learn more about torque wrench. 


That many types and brands will most likely cause confusion among those unfamiliar with tools but want to own one. Which type and brand work well for cars or bicycles?  Well, finding that out should not be difficult.  There are torque wrench reviews in the net that buyers can consult. These reviews are based on actual tests and compare types and brands in terms of ease of use, features, durability and price. It should not be difficult for buyers to make the right choice, click here to get started